Powerful Kenmore 904 Vintage Sewing Machine

Here's one of my favorite vintage machines, the Kenmore 904. She's one of the prettiest and also a really strong machine. She's a solid, heavy duty sewing machine with power to sew multiple layers of heavy material or garment leather. If you plan to cart your machine around to quilting class or other venues, you may want to choose another machine that's a little lighter weight, as this one is packed with solid steel muscle.

We've shipped these fine 904s across the country and into Canada because they're just so popular. And this one will come with a full set of 30 stitch pattern cams, spare bobbins, and the original button holer. She'll come with her regular zigzag foot and you'll find scads of various attachments all over Etsy and eBay, super cheap.

Plus, if you live in the lower 48 states of the US, we'll pay the shipping!

She's just come off our restoration bench so she's running and sewing at her best. We've been deep inside her and her parts have been scrubbed in our alcohol bath before being polished, inspected, adjusted and tested, so she's clean, clean, clean, all the way through.

This is a machine that you'll bond with and she'll be with you to the end of your days.

Because we believe in these built-to-last machines and in the work we do, we offer this Free Lifetime Service Warranty. If you ever have a problem with this machine, just bring or send her back and if it's something that we can fix, we'll fix it for free. You of course will pay for any parts or shipping.

Read the details on our website, here. It's short and in plain English.

Sorry, This One's Sold!

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