Powerful Kenmore 117.49- Vintage 1.5 Amp Sewing Machine

This awesome machine is often overlooked, which is surprising considering all of the amazing innovations incorporated into her design.

For one, she's built around a strong aluminum frame and then cladded with a light metal skin, making her one of the lightest of the vintage machines.

No annoying belt slippage with this unique machine. She's driven by a tiny bicycle chain that looks like it belongs in a jewelry box.

With her strong 1.5 Amp motor, she'll power through things that a modern machine shrinks in fear from.

Check out the video we've made to show what she can do:

To top it all off, she has bakelite fittings! Such Style!

She originally used a non-standard needle but during her time on our bench we re-fit her to take universal needles, which you'll find everywhere.

Why have we made her one of our Specially Priced machines?

We want to make a few of our machines more affordable so we choose a machine that's already in excellent condition and inspect, lube, adjust, test, and then detail her to make her look and run like new.

Sorry, she's SOLD!

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