White 2335
Pretty and Powerful

This strong and beautiful White 2335 sewing machine was made in Japan, in the 1960s.

It's a powerful straight-stitch and zigzag machine without bells and whistles, that has some very nice features. First, of course, is the power to sew multiple layers of heavy material and garment leather. The full 1.3 Amp motor is stronger than that on most home sewing machines, and it sews lightweight and medium weight fabrics just as well.

If you do any quilting or applique, mending, or freehand sewing, you'll appreciate the one-touch sewing foot pressure release and instant re-setting. Dropping the feed is easy, too, because the feed-drop knob is right on the bed, near the stitch-length control, and it's adjustable for delicate fabrics, as well.

The stitch-width lever can be locked in place or left free so you can vary the width of your seam as you're sewing to make wonderful caligraphic swirls and waves, and the plate is marked for precision straight seams.

This fine White uses universal needles and standard class 15 bobbins, both available everywhere. It's a simple yet precision tool that will look gorgeous in your sewing room.

We took this lightly used White up onto the restoration bench and took it mostly apart. We scrubbed the pieces in an alcohol bath to remove the layer of sticky, dried-on oil and dirt and then polished them before restoring them to the machine, and we tested each system as we put it back together.

The parts that didn't need to come off were flushed and cleaned in place and then lubricated with our own special blend of oils. We took apart the motor to clean it and lathe the commutator, and we inspected the cords to be sure that they're safe.

We believe in these built-to-last sewing machines and in the work we do, so we guaranty this machine for life. If you ever have a problem with this machine, just bring or send it back to us and if it's something we can fix, we'll fix it for free. You will pay for any parts or shipping.

You can read the details of our guaranty on our website, here. It's short and in plain English.

Sorry, it's SOLD!

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