Kenmore 17520 Vintage Sewing Machine

This pretty Kenmore sewing machine is one of our Specially Priced machines, meaning that rather than being fully restored, we've inspected, lubed adjusted, tested and then detailed her so that she's looking and sewing like a new machine.

She uses universal needles and standard class 15 bobbins, both the most common in the world and available everywhere. And in addition to straight and zigzag stitches she also sews a blind-stitch and buttonholes, plus with the drop-in stitch pattern cams (available online in several locations) she'll sew scads of decorative and utility stitches.

She won't be covered with the lifetime guaranty that we put on our fully restored machines, but you'll have 90 days after she arrives to get to know her and to bond with her so that you can be sure she's all we say she is.

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