Kenmore Model 158.352 Sewing Machine

Kenmore Model 158.352 Sewing Machine front quarter view

This beautiful Kenmore 158.352 sewing machine is an all-steel-drive manual zigzag, meaning that it has plenty of power to sew through multiple layers of heavy materials like denim, canvas, upholstery, leather, and more, as well as light fabrics like curtains, little dresses, lingere, doll clothes, quilts, and crafts.

Kenmore 158.352 sewing machine front view

It's been thoroughly refurbished to restore it to like-new condition. Starting with a very lightly used machine in remarkably good condition, it was opened up and examined for any problems or potential problems, the motor was disassembled as was the tension, hook and bobbin, and the hand-wheel. After careful inspection, it was cleaned, lubed with high quality lubricants where applicable adjusted and tested. Then it was lovingly detailed to bring out the built-in beauty you can see in the photos.

Kenmore Model 158.352 Sewing Machine back left quarter view

Because we start with machines that are built to last a lifetime, and then we put so much care into each restoration, we are confident in offering this free Lifetime Guarantee. If anything goes wrong with your machine, just send or bring it back to us and we'll fix it if we can, for free.

You can read the details at our website, and also see all the other cool Japanes, German, and American-made machines we've restored. Lots of them are awesome two-tone, all-steel, lightly-used machines like this one.

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Kenmore Model 158.352 Sewing Machine back view

This machine was made in Japan for Kenmore, back when most Americans didn't yet appreciate Japanese quality.

Kenmore Model 158.352 Sewing Machine front view

You can see the video we've made of this machine, here.

We're independent sewing machine techs who are helplessly in love with these beautiful, high-quality, all-steel sewing machines, and go out of our way to find them and restore them to the best that they can be.