Janome New Home De Luxe

Made in Japan by Janome, this fine sewing machine exhibits the quality and precision expected of Japanese-made products.

As you can see, this machine's barely been used. And even though it's like a new machine, we still went through the same restoration process that we perform on all the fine vintage machines we handle, so it's like getting a brand new Janome sewing machine, built back when sewing machines were built to last a lifetime.

The drive parts are made of high-quality steel, and you cannot buy a new machine as good as this one.

This powerful machine will sew through multiple layers of heavy fabric with ease. It sews straight-stitch and zigzag, and with the addition of the drop-in pattern cams (available somewhere on the internet), it will sew scads of useful and decorative stitch patterns.

It uses standard needles and standard bobbins, available anywhere sewing supplies are sold.