Janome New Home Sewing Machine

This beautiful Japanese-made sewing machine is a manual zigzag, with an oscillating round bobbin. It's got variable stitch-length and reverse.

Like almost all of the machines we sell, it's in almost-new condition, meaning that it was purchased, tried out, and then stored for a few decades. It shows almost no signs of use and it looks new, inside and out. It sews like a new machine, too. It has that solid, precision feel of a new machine, and sews an nice even stitch.

Other than brushing and vacuuming the inside, this is how it looked when I first found it and opened it up. Like new!

It's been inspected, lubricated, adjusted and tested, and it's ready to sew for you.

As you can see, there are no plastic parts in here. This is a solid-steel machine. That's why it can sew through eight layers of heavy denim like it was a shirt front.

Unlike the modern, plastic, disposable machines, this is a machine that you'll be able to hand down to your children and your grandchildren.

It takes a standard needle and uses standard class 15 bobbins, that you can pick up at any sewing store or department store.

Proudly display this machine in your home, and use it to create art, clothing, baby items, quilts, or put it in the shop and sew upholstery, handbags, boat covers, leathers, or whatever takes your fancy.

You can see this machine in action. Just click on the video we've made. You can hear the sound of the manual zigzag, as the hook follows the needle bar back and forth. It's a very clever design.