Janome New Home Commander

Imagine, Janome quality in an all-steel-drive sewing machine!

3/4 view of a fine Janome New Home Commander Sewing Machine

This is a powerful, high quality sewing machine, made in Japan by the Janome Sewing Machine Co. Not only is it a thing of beauty, it's also a fast, smooth, precision tool that will translate your ideas into reality.

Built in the days before the advent of plastic machines with stamped sheet metal parts, the Commander will power through multiple layers of heavy fabrics and even leather.

Sew little dresses and quilts, or sew a seat cover for your Harley. Make art or crafts or leather goods, or make strapping for your project. This great machine will sew the lightest weight fabrics or heavy-weights. It's a truely versatile sewing machine.

I should also mention the bobbin winder. I've never seen a neater, easier bobbin winding system. Just lift the lid and wrap your thread around the little tension disk and onto the bobbin, and then press the lever. That's it! No clutch to mess with, no complex thread routing. Easy!

end-on view of a Janome New Home Commander sewing machine

It's just been inspected, brushed and vaccumed out, lubricated in the right places with the right amount of the right oil, adjusted, tested, and then detailed to bring it back to it's original beauty. You can see and hear this machine sew here. It's sewing great, as you'll see in the demo video.

back view of a Janome New Home Commander

The attachment set that comes with the machine includes a large and a small screwdriver, a cloth guide, a regular zigzag foot, a button foot, a hemmer foot, an adjustable zipper foot, a quilting guide, an edge stitcher that adjusts for zigzag or straight stitch sewing, a ruffler, a cording foot, a shirring foot, a straight stitch foot, a roller foot, and six bobbins.