Isaac Singer 66

vintage sewing machine

With this beautiful, fully restored Singer 66 we bring you the man who founded the Singer Sewing Machine Co, Isaac Singer, the man who brought the sewing machine into the homes of regular people.

This is the first in our series of Isaac Singer Machines, decorated with the image of the man who started the company, long, long ago.

For this beautiful Singer 66, choose between motorized, treadle-operation, or hand-crank modes.


We were so pleased with the work that artist Nick DeAngelo did for us, recreating a lost decal pattern for an obscure New Howe machine, that we asked him to create the new pattern for some of Isaac Singer's most popular machines.

(detail from New Howe machine restored for Chris Nelson)

This will be a very limited series, one or maybe two each of various Singer models. In fact, we have a Singer 15-91 already up on the bench, repainted and waiting for another batch of custom printed, metallic decals to arrive from the printer.

(Singer 15-91 awaiting decals and hand-rubbed finish)


(Singer 66 underside, clean and shiny)

We've been restoring worthy vintage sewing machines for over 25 years and we're good at it. We've restored well over a thousand machines and shipped them to happy buyers all over the country and beyond.

Make this sweet, fully restored Singer model 66 machine yours, today, and bring her home to your sewing room.

Note: when the orginal brass emblem disolved in the stripper's hot strip tank, I thought it would look cool to leave the casting number it revealed, exposed. I think I've changed my mind about this and am going to replace that missing badge. New photos when the piece is added.

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