Home Mark Vintage Precision Sewing Machine

This gorgeous class 15 Home Mark has just come off our restoration bench and she's clean, clean, clean, all the way through.


Patterned after Singer's famous class 15 machines (15-88, 15-91, etc), the Japanese makers added some great features, like the one touch sewing foot pressure release and one touch pressure setting, a stronger motor, and beautiful color. They moved the feed drop control from the underside of the machine to a convenient location near the stitch-length control, and re-oriented the hook so the needle threads from left to right.


She uses universal needles and standard class 15 bobbins, the most common in the world, and available everywhere.


The needle plate is conveniently marked for you, to guide your fabric for perfect seams, and there's a generous amount of room to the right of the needle to make it easier to sew your bulkier projects.


She will sew dresses and quilts, baby things and patches on your jeans, and if you want to sew heavier things, she can handle it. Sew multiple layers of heavy material and garment leather. Recover the cushions in your little trailer. Create things that no one else has ever thought of. She can do it.


Best of all, we've been deep inside her and she's been cleaned of the old dried-on oil on her shafts and in her movement points so that she moves freely again. She's been lubricated with our our own special blend of oils designed to find their way into the dry joints and pivots so her strength and speed are returned to their like-new flexibility.

Linda was your technician, performing this restoration under the watchful eye of master restorer, Mike Kraemer, as she gains the skills to complement her innate mechanical aptitude. After four years of handling these beautiful, vintage sewing machines as detailer and technical assistant, she's learning to apply her knowledge and abilities to bring them back to their youthful best.

This fine precision beauty has been very lightly used and has most of her useful life still ahead of her. You and she will be creating together for a very many years to come.

Sorry, she's SOLD!

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