Singer Genie Vintage "Hippy" Sewing Machine

Adorable! Everybody loves a Singer Genie. This super lightweight little machine will go with you anywhere and fit into a tiny space. Take it with you to the show, the Con, the quilting group, or pack it easily into the RV or sailboat.

Often known as the "Hippy Machine" this was a very popular graduation gift. Make it a gift to yourself or to someone you love.

We usually restore heavy-duty, steel sewing machines, but this one has been one of our favorites from the beginning. Though this machine would probably sew heavy material and garment leather, it's purpose is to sew clothes and like items. Make quilts and curtains. Make a prom dress or cos-play wear. Make outrageous things that no one has yet thought of.

It uses universal needles and common class 66 bobbins, available anywhere you can buy sewing supplies, and the bobbins conveniently drop in from the top.

The Singer Genie was made to be user-friendly so the controls are clearly marked with graphic images, and easy to understand. It sews straight-stitch, zigzag, blind-stitch, and more.

The stitch-width, needle position, pattern selector, reverse button, power switch, and thread tension dial are all on the face of the machine so all adjustments are made from the sewing chair.

You'll find the foot control and cords tucked into their neat little compartment on the underside of the slide-on cover.

This super cute Genie has just come off our restoration bench so it's clean, clean, clean, inside and out, and it runs and sews like a new machine.

Sorry, this one's SOLD!

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