Restored Franklin Antique Sewing Machine

This beautiful Franklin sewing machine has just come off the restoration bench and she's clean and beautiful, and ready to come home to you. We've had her apart and cleaned her bits in the alcohol bath, and polished them before restoring them to the machine.

She's a straight-stitcher that uses universal needles which you can find everywhere, online or in the physical world at any department or sewing store.

Though she's got some pin scratches on the arm which you can see over the "N" in Franklin, she's gorgeous all the same.

And she's a sweetheart. She's pretty and she's a pleasure to sew with. Plus, she's guaranteed for life. If you ever have a problem with this machine, just bring or send her back and if it's something we can fix, well fix her for free. You, of course, will pay for any parts or shipping.

This is the kind of quality that was once the standard before cost-cutting ruined the whole industry. She's built to last your lifetime and beyond, and she can handle just about any home sewing project that you want to sew.

Sorry, She's SOLD!

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