Elna Supermatic Sewing Machine

The Swiss are famous for banking, fine watches, and chocolate, not to mention super-high-quality, precision machinery. This Swiss-made Elna Supermatic has just come off the restoration bench, here at Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machine Restoration, but this time it's Serviced rather than fully restored. What does this mean?

Sometimes, we pick out a few nice machines and make sure they're in good condition, and then we clean and lube them, test them and adjust them, and then detail them to make them beautiful again. Why?

Fully restored machines are expensive. It takes a lot of time to disassemble a machine and restore it from the inside-out, and we want to make these fine machines available to more people, so we pick one out that's lightly used and still has most of it's useful life ahead of it. Then we make sure that it's ready to sew for you for many long years to come.

We put fewer hours into the machine and we can sell it at a lower price. Just to make sure, though, that you have time to get used to the machine and to really be sure that it's working like we said it would, we give you 30 days to make sure that it's running and sewing as it should. And, we pay the shipping in the lower 48 states of the US.

Sorry, it's SOLD!