Domestic 153/White Rotary Vintage Sewing Machine

A mighty work horse from the past, this Domestic 153 is basically a White Rotary, famous for it's fabric feed. Because the teeth of the feed surround the needle on all four sides, the fabric is supported and you have exceptional control and stitch formation.

As you may know, we are famous for restoring beautiful sewing machines, taking them apart to restore them from the inside-out, and as you can imagine, this takes a lot of shop time, making the machines we restore costly.

Occasionally, we choose a machine that's still in great, often times nearly un-used condition, check it out to be sure it's in good shape, and then service, adjust, test, and detail it, so we can offer beautiful machines that are more affordable, too.

And just to give you time to bond with your new vintage machine and to be sure it's working as it should, we give you 30 days to run it, sew on it, and really be sure it's just as we said it is.

This great machine comes in a nice carry case, and it includes an attachment set, spare bobbins, buttonholer, and lots of other extras.

We only have this one photo right now, as we just finished our big Vintage Sewing Machine Show at the Valley River Inn, and we only took photos to identify the machines in our data base. In the coming days, we'll get more and better photos posted, if the machine is still available.

You've heard it said that, "they don't make them like they used to", and that's because they really can't. The Corporate bottom line mandates that profit is far more important than quality, so most modern machines are pretty much disposables, to be used for a few years and then replaced with another cheap disposable.

We don't feel that way.

Here at Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machine, we are passionate about what we love doing, which is restoring beautiful vintage sewing machines to the best that they can be, and over the decades we've restored, literally, hundreds of worthy sewing machines (actually we lost count at over two hundred, 15 years ago), and shipped them all over the country and beyond. Why? Because we are in love with the styling, the quality of the materials, the workmanship that went into these great machines, which just can't be duplicated today.

You, seriously, cannot buy a home sewing machine this good, new, at any price.

Sorry, it's SOLD!