One of a Kind, Hand-painted Singer Model 12

Since I first began restoring beautiful sewing machines, twenty-five years ago, it's been a dream of mine to marry the precision functionality of a fine vintage machine with fine art, and recently we've commissioned several professional artists to make the dream a reality.

This is the 2nd in the line-up, hand painted by Abel Gentlebutter, formerly of Portland Oregon, and well respected in their specialized niche.

For this one, Abel drew inspiration from the local flora and fauna here at Leisureland Community, home of Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machine, where the river flows pristine through our land.

For our art machines, we choose a machine that's already in great mechanical condition and fully restore it by disassembling and rebuilding it.

We usually choose a machine with badly worn decals and no replacement decals available, strip and repaint the machine, and then turn it over to the artist to create something unique and beautiful.

As you will see in the photos and in the video, this gorgeous and fully-functional Singer model 12 resides in it's own beautiful treadle stand and comes with a nice attachment set in a vintage Singer puzzle box.


Bring this awesome Singer model 12 home to your sewing room. There's none other like it.

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Next up, and coming soon is a vintage industrial Singer with original art by internationally-known Teddy bear artist, Laure Waytek of Foolsgold Arts.