Bernina 801 Sport

This is a fine sewing machine. Made in Switzerland by Bernina, the 801 sport is renowned and loved for it's reliability, it's portability, it's ease of use, and it's high quality.

It performs a zigzag and a variety of other useful stitch patterns. It's smooth and powerful, as you would expect from a fine Swiss sewing machine.

It's just come back from our detailer and as you can see, it's just lovely.

Here at Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machine Restoration, we love these machines and work to bring them back to the very best that they can be.

Clean and looking like new, they run and sew like new, as well.

We're so confident in these fine machines and in the work we do that we offer this free Lifetime Guaranty. If you ever have a problem with one of our restored vintage sewing machines, just return it to us and if it's something that we can fix we'll do it for free. You of course will pay for any parts or shipping.

A modest but fully adequate accessory set.

The machine comes without case or cabinet, but this beautiful Roberts #375 sewing table is available as an option. It raises and lowers the machine for free arm or flat bed sewing.

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