Brother HA-4 Vintage Sewing Machine

Specially Priced-

You may wonder why, when we have a warehouse full of pretty machines, we would bother to restore an old Brother straight-stitch machine that is missing all of it's badges and has a few chips in the paint.

The reason is that she's a sewer. Like the old musicians refer to their beat up guitar that they wouldn't trade in on a new one for anything because she sounds so good, as a "player, not a looker", this fine, mid-Century stitcher is a worthy machine.

Not that she isn't pretty, but if you're looking for a decoration this is a good one to overlook. Also, whoever took her badges also took her light so you may want to set up a lamp nearby or get a stick-on LED sewing light for her.

This Japanese-made Brother sewing machine, identical in every way but the color to the Atlas Deluxe (and made in the same factory) is a strong, dependable machine that sews a nice looking seam.

If you're tired of throwing away cheap plastic machines and replacing them with another one, this will make a refreshing change of pace. If you clean and oil her regularly, she'll last you for the rest of your life. And then your children or your grandchildren can take over sewing with her.

She uses standard needles and class 15 bobbins, both the most common in the world, and available everywhere. She has dropping feed, reverse, easy, instant release and set sewing foot pressure adjuster, and a stitch-length lock for even stitches in forward and reverse.

She's just come off the restoration bench, where we disassembled most of her systems and scrubbed the parts in our alcohol bath before polishing and restoring them to the machine. Those parts that didn't need to come off were flushed in place and oiled so she's clean and fresh all the way through.

We took apart the motor and lathed the commutator and inspected the brushes and wiring, checking for any crumbling or missing insulation, or unsafe electrical issues.

Check out the stitch sample in the photo to see the even, well balanced stitch, and take note of how we went right up and over that thick bottom seam on the denim jeans material.

You really can't buy a new sewing machine this good, at any price. They just aren't made any more.

She sews great and she's ready to come home to you.

Make her yours, today.

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