Brother Model 190 Flairmatic

I saw an old Chevy pickup truck painted in these colors a couple of days ago. It was just as shiny, and just as pretty.

photo of a beautiful two-tone cream and sky blue Brother Flairmatic sewing machine

It's always a wonderful surprise to find function and beauty combined in such a useful machine. This Brother Flairmatic is an all-steel drive machine, with the power to sew almost any fabric you'll want to sew.

Sew silk, denim, canvas, strapping, garment leather. This beautiful, quality machine will do it.

photo of a beautiful Brother Flairmatic sewing machine

This is a zigzag machine that uses standard needles and standard class 15 bobbins, avaiable wherever sewing supplies are sold.

bottom view of brother falirmatic sewing machine

As you can see, it's a well cared for, clean machine.

interior view of the brother flairmatic sewing machine

It's been inspected, brushed and vaccumed out, lubed with the right amount of the right lubricants, adjusted, tested, and then lovingly detailed to bring out it's beauty.

back view of the brother flairmatic sewing machine

The motor has been disassembled, cleaned out, armature cleaned, the brushes replaced, and the shaft cleaned and oiled with just a drop at each bearing.

another view of the brother flairmatic sewing machine

It comes in a carry case with a nice set of attachments, that includes: a regular zigzag foot, a narrow hemmer, a buttonholer foot, a cloth guide, three bobbins, a binder, a darning foot, a button sewing foot, and a double needle for decorative top stitching.