Bernina 730 Record Sewing Machine

(some photos on the work bench, some indoors under warm light, same machine)

There is no doubt that the Swiss-made Bernina sewing machines from the middle of the last century are some of the very finest sewing machines ever made. Wouldn't it be nice if you could still buy one new?

We've had this sweet machine apart and scrubbed the parts in our alcohol bath to remove the sticky residue that builds up over the years as the old oil evaporates. This frees up the shafts, linkages, and bars to slip, spin, rotate, and slide against each other freely like they did when the machine first came off the shelf.

We polished the parts and then tested each assembly as we restored it to the machine.

When she stood complete again, fresh and clean all the way through, we tested her, adjusted, and then tested again, until now she's running sewing perfectly. Like a new machine.

Once she was clean and new again, we cleaned and polished her exterior to bring her original finish back to it's shiny, new appearance. Of course, since this machine was previously sewn with (apparently lightly and with care to the machine), you'll find some light pin scratches and tiny paint chips.

When we find stickers on a machine from the various technicians who've serviced them over the years, if they're still in good condition we leave them on the machine as a sort of provenance showing where she's traveled in her life. This one didn't have any stickers but she does have the name of her original owner engraved on the back of the machine, along with a number that we haven't been able to reference.

It was a common practice, long ago when I was young, for people to engrave their most prized possessions with their social security number or driver's license number, something we now realize is not a good idea. This machine is inscribed with an ODS#, apparently a designation so long defunct that an internet search couldn't explain it.

I didn't realize until I was detailing the foot control that it has a repaired crack from before she came to us. It feels strong and it's been done properly so I'm confident sending it along. We've tested it and found it to be strong.

This fine Bernina Record comes in her original carry case and includes her slide-on sewing bed extension, cords and foot control, and a photo-copied user manual. It does not include the optional knee-lift bar for the presser foot, though the socket is in good condition and the lift mechanism works perfectly should you ever want to use it.

Sorry to say, This one has SOLD!

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