Bernina Activa 130

We've had this beautiful Bernina Activa 130 apart to get deep inside her and make her clean and fresh. She's been fully serviced and she's ready to become the machine you've always dreamed of having.

This is a Swiss-made machine, meaning that she's a high-quality, precision piece of sewing machinery, built to last a lifetime. We, having restored over a thousand worthy, vintage sewing machines, have a pretty good idea of what makes a fine sewing machine a really good one, and this Bernina Activa 130 is an exceptionally fine machine.

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Lots of folks are looking for this very machine, so come back quick, while it's still available.

Joey was your detailer on this fine Bernina. She is one of those people who does everything she attempts, very well, and you'll see that in the photos.

Make this beautiful Bernina Activa 130 your sewing companion for a very many years to come and then pass her down for your children and grandchildren to enjoy. Teach your young ones the love of sewing.

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$595.00, with Free Shipping!

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