Bel Air Precision de Luxe Sewing Machine

A fine Japanese-made, all-steel machine!

What a pretty machine! I love the styling of this period, especially the two-toned machines.

This great sewing machine has just been refurbished. The motor has been disassembled, cleaned, brushes checked and cleaned of excess oil, the shaft cleaned and lightly lubed at the brass bearings, and then tested. The foot control has been inspected and it's block and wiper assembly replaced. The tension was disassembled and cleaned, and the check spring, which was broken, has been re-engineered to work properly. The worn motor belt was replaced, as was the needle, and the entire machine was brushed and vacuumed out, lubed with the right oil, adjusted, and tested.

The motor is a 1.5 amp Westinghouse motor, one and one-half times more powerful than the one on the Singer 201. I haven't tried to do anything outrageous with this machine, but I have sewn 8-layers of heavy demim with it, and sensed no strain or bogging down.

This machine features an adjustable stitch-length with an adjustable reverse, as well.

Beauty and style have been merged with quality and precision. Add to that, the power of the 1.5 Amp motor and the all-steel drive and you have a machine that will sew anything from little dresses and curtains, to denim, canvas, garment leather, strapping, and upholstery.

As the photos show, there are a number of places where the paint has been chipped, as is to be expected on an older machine like this. Otherwise it's in excellent condition, and ready to sew for the rest of your lifetime and beyond.

To see and hear it sew, watch the demo video made with this machine, here.