Pink Atlas Select-o-Matic
Vintage Japanese Sewing Machine

Built by the Brother Sewing Machine Co. of Japan, this Atlas Select-o-Matic may be the prettiest sewing machine ever made.

Not just a pretty machine, this powerful zigzag machine will sew multiple-layers of heavy material, even denim, canvas, or garment leather. Of course, she'll sew medium and lightweights just as well.

Besides straight-stitch and zigzag, she sews another 6 decorative stitch patterns.

She uses regular needles and standard class 15 bobbins, both available everywhere, and she comes with an onscreen user manual that you can read at whatever size suits your eyesight.

She's just come off our restoration bench where she's been taken mostly apart and her parts scrubbed in our alcohol bath before being inspected and then polished. Each system was tested as it was reassembled and then the machine as a whole, to be sure that she's running and sewing as she should.

Sorry to say that this beauty has been sold!

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