Alpha Farm - Deadwood, Oregon



Over the decades, Alpha Farm (the longest continuously operating communal farm in the US) has accumulated several interesting sewing machines. I refurbished these two machines when some of the members wanted to make some items to sell in Alpha Farm's cafe and store, The Alpha Bit, in Mapleton, Oregon.

This awesome Brother machine is an automatic zigzag, with reverse. It's a fast, powerful, all-steel machine, and pretty cool looking, too!


Brother Model 110 Riviera


Here's one you don't see too often. Made in 1916, it's an oscillating, round-bobbin machine, one of the first to have a stitch-length lever rather than a screw-knob. Forward only, no reverse. Note the beautiful oak leaf motif on the face plate and back cover plate.


Singer 15-30 Hand-Crank