Singer 221 Featherweight Table

This sturdy folding table was made by Singer especially as a sewing table to fit the Featherweight sewing machine.
As you will see in the photo below, the table has an insert that lifts out, making a snug well to fit your Featherweight machine.

Unlike most sewing cabinets, where the machine is physically attached and remains in the table at all times, this table features
a spring clamp, so you can lift your machine out, settle it in it's little carry case, and take it with you,
along with it's table.

As the photo shows, the top has numerous scratches in it. It's been treated with Howards Restore a Finish, so it has a mellow, wabi-sabi look that honors it's age and it's functionality. It's in excellent condition, with no wood separation or splintering, and the insert and legs are in great working condition.