Hard-to-Find Trapazoidal Singer 301 Table

Well, since I'm so busy with sewing machines, it looks as though I'm not going to get to refinishing this table
anytime in the near future, so we're offering it as-is.

When you lift the top of this unique trapazoidal table, the left-front leg moves over to support it, making a really nice offset sewing surface.

It's elegant, delicate, and so very Jetson!

This table is set up so that all you need to do is press the release lever and lift your machine out to move it to your carry case. When you want to use it in the table, take it out of the case and press it down into the tray of the table. So simple!

As you can see in the photos, the top has a mark where another sewing machine lived on top of this table. It also needs a small square of veneer replaced, near the back. Otherwise it's in great condition.

It's very sturdy and ready to be used as-is, until you can get to the finish. Wax it up, polish the metal, and top it with a pretty cloth and forget the refinishing, for now.

Sorry, this fine Singer cabinet is SOLD!