Attachments for Early Singers
in a vintage tin

fits Singer 221 Featherweight, 201, 15-91, 66, 99, 223, and most other non-slant vintage Singers
as well as most Japanese class 15 clones

This gorgeous early-20th Century Almond Roca tin contains a generous array of attachments and accessories for your vintage Singer sewing machine.

Most vintage Singer machines use the low-shank, vertical-needle, side-mounted feet shown in the photos below. That's why the feet on your Featherweight will work on your 201 and vice-versa.

The back-mounted feet were only used briefly on the earlier machines and most of those have been changed out for side-mount attachments, so unless your early Singer is a Slant-Needle machine like the 401 or the 500, it probably uses these feet.

What a perfect gift for yourself or your dear friend.

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