Huskylock 431 3-thread Serger

This awesome little serger will supplement your stable of sewing tools, since there's always that one thing that a serger would be perfect for. Some people are put off by the complexity of some of them but this cute little Husqvarna machine is pretty simple and easy to work with. It's come here all the way from Sweden, where they make excellent precision machinery.

It's a metal bodied, metal action machine that's just come off the bench here at Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machine and it's working, not to mention looking, great. We've been deep inside this little machine to make sure it's clean and working as it should.

The thread guide mast was broken off, and when I soldered the two pieces back together, I didn't get them perfectly lined up so it leans (very) slightly to the left, giving a bit of a sailboat on the lake look.

Sorry, it's SOLD!