Our First Virtual Garage Sale

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I've spent my Summer building the mobile Mini-Shop to take with me around the Southwest and maybe to Quartzsite, so I can work on sewing machines anywhere. Needless to say, it's cost me in lost work time and cost of parts and supplies.

She's a gnat's whisker from being ready to roll but she still needs Solar so I can work where there's no shore power to plug into, and insurance. And lots of gas, too.

So here's where you come in. Buy yourself an awesome sewing machine at way lower than our normal price and at the same time, help us roll on out of here.

We'll post pictures of our adventures and keep you posted on where we are so you and your friends can bring your beloved machine for a beautiful restoration.

The Machines

These are awesome machines that we've serviced or restored over the years and for whatever reason, they never got listed on our website for sale. Plus, we've included a few from the website at greatly reduced prices, just for variety. Some may have paint chips or mismatched motors, some are pristine and beautiful, but they all sew great.


(and how you can save another $50.00)

The prices you see include the shipping cost, so you're saving up to $100.00 right there, and if you can pick the machine up from us here,
just to the west of Eugene Oregon, you can take $50.00 off the price.

These are awesome machines, professionally brought back to their best working condition, so not cheap, but far less than our regular prices.

Un-badged Class 15 "Clone"

Factory Refurbished Singer 128

Restored SewMor 606

Serviced Sewmor 606

Viking 120

White 265

Folding Slant-Needle Machine Table
Machine Not Included

Serviced Singer 15-91

American Sewing Machine
hand crank

Singer 237

Unbadged Belvedere
Class 15 "Clone"

Awesome Chain-Drive
Restored Kenmore 120-49

Restored Kenmore 86

Do you want to see all of the gorgeous restored machines on our website?
leave the garage sale and see our regular page with hundreds of gorgeous machines that we've restored, some available for purchase