How to extend your sewing machine case lid to fit your added hand crank

case extension hack

When you de-electrify your vintage sewing machine, the electical field and the motor noise go away and you are left with gently whirring mechanisms.

However, the hand crank most likely makes the machine a little longer and the lid may not fit like it used to.

Of course, the proper solution is to hunt down and purchase a longer bentwood case, made to fit a hand crank machine, but that's expensive, time-consuming, and, if you're not in posession of a mint condition showpiece, not really necessary.

Here's one solution. We cut a hole to fit the crank body, added support to the inside of the case along the bottom edge, and attached a flexible cover for the hole to fit fit the crank.

We could have used a nicer looking fabric or some attractive leather instead, but I liked the idea of the pocket from the denim jeans to add storage for a couple screwdrivers or for the user manual.

It's necessary to support the latch, lest the wood behind the latch fail and your machine tumble to the ground, bruise your ankle, break your toe, and bust up your new hand crank.

We cut out a bit of the paper liner to fit a piece of 1"x2" hardwood and Gorilla glued and clamped it until the glue set up.
Don't glue the block to the paper. It will tear off and etc,etc,etc.

The handle unlocks from it's working position to swing out of the way by pulling this spring-loaded locking pin and folding the handle back on it's hinge.

Choose your own fabric and embroider or enhance it to suit your taste, and put the cover back on your machine.

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