American Sewing Machine Co.

This beautiful machine was made in Austria for the American Sewing Machine Co. of London.

Why is she Specially Priced?
We often list machines that we've restored that aren't much to look at but, boy, can they sew. This one sews great, but due to a few teeth on the steel gears having been broken off, it makes a light clunk when the gears cross at that point. It sews fine and should continue to sew perfectly for the next hundred years but it's not the whisper silent that I expect from a fine hand crank machine.

The wood case is intact and solid though it's missing the tiny decorative tin keyhole surround. We hope to find a key to fit it before it sells, but If you want it before that happens, you can find a key to fit it online or from your local locksmith or antique store.

Add this beauty to your collection for less than what we would charge for it were it perfect.

We've had this beautiful, mother-of-pearl inlaid machine apart and scrubbed the parts in an alcohol bath, and then polished them before restoring them to the machine. It's been inspected, tested, adjusted, and retested, and then our detailer lovingly scrubbed and polished the exterior to make it clean, clean, clean, and shiny.

This one is sold as-is.

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